A word from the founder, Dallas Oberholzer

15 May 2017, Monday

Dallas Oberholzer is a stalwart in South Africa’s skateboarding scene. His title as the South African Vertical Ramp Champion has stood for over 20 years, only to pass this title on 2 years ago to a lad half his age.

Beyond being a sponsored skater, Dallas has worked tirelessly to grow skateboarding by developing an NGO which set out to take skateboarding to new communities and making it more representative of our nations demographics.

Skateboarding has changed so much since Dallas’s first years, today skateboarding has more youths of colour in public skate parks and on podiums. This is just what Dallas was aiming for by making skateboarding available to the Zulu communities in the Valley of 1 000 Hills and in the Cape Flats, Dallas knew that the only way skateboarding could grow was if it was made available to all South Africans. In 2015 Dallas received an award on behalf of Indigo Skate Camp for the Best Recreational Sporting Body at the SA Sports Awards. This is just the acknowledgement that skateboarding in SA needed and this recognition from the government is proof that the efforts of Indigo have been fruitful.

Dallas has branched out further into skate park design and construction in another attempt to ensure the standards of facilities are on par with international standards. Having traveled mostly for skateboarding to over 40 countries, Dallas has a wealth of knowledge of skate parks and skate camps. Beyond being an aspiring professional skateboarder for many years, Dallas is stoked to have found his place in skateboarding, after years of pioneering the outreach work at Indigo Skate Camp in his attempt at community building through skateboarding, he also added his passion project which he believed would bring out his best abilities by skateboarding in nature.

Dallas is currently sponsored by Vans Shoes, Element Skateboards and Superfoods.

Dallas wishes to create more jobs in skateboarding through Indigo Youth Movement, to provide youths in SA with a sense of purpose within skateboarding and their respective communities, with the ability to give back which naturally comes after all the joys of skateboarding. Further towards employment, Indigo Skate Parks transfers skills and opportunities to aspiring skaters who wish to create and shred skate parks. Dallas is pleased that Indigo Youth Movement now adds legitimacy to the creative activity of skateboarding, while empowering at risk youths and developing young leaders.

In 2016 Dallas traveled to compete in Brazil as well as Portugal where he cleaned up local skaters at a Bowlriding event where he won all 3 x titles; 1st overall, best trick and best line.
“One of the fundamentals of skateboarding is balance; as skateboarders, we do everything possible to fine-­tune our balance in our pursuit of improving our own abilities.” – Dallas Oberholzer