Indigo Youth Movement reaches close to 800 youths annually, a number that is increasing rapidly as more youth look to become involved with the programme. After collecting data for the past few years, consulting with experts in the monitoring and evaluation field, and working with research experts from the University of Stellenbosch, we have started to understand the impact Indigo Youth Movement is achieving. Highlights include:


• 93% increased self-confidence
• 96% increased positivity about the future
• 98% increased anti gang and violence mindset


We are also super proud that female participation has increased by almost 40% since 2015. We have also noticed a significant shift in social behaviour with parents stating " kids are more focused and less disrespectful towards them".

Indigo Youth Movement measures impact against the following criteria:

Physiological development

Positive self concept

More goal orientated mindset

More confident in self

Sense of identity

Social development

Problem-solving skills

Conflict resolution skills

Peer refusal skills

Decision-making skills

Positive peer relations between skaters

Appropriate social behaviour amongst skaters and other environments

Academic and career development

School engagement

Reading skills

Art / photography / video skills

Woodwork and crafts