Ramp rebuilds, successful seminars and a whole lot of girl power!

15 November 2017, Wednesday

The word on the street

At Indigo Youth Movement, bringing about a positive change for the at-risk youth of South Africa through the activity of skateboarding is the name of the game. We’ve had a busy few months and it’s time to put you in the loop of what our movement has been up to. There has been ramp rebuilds, successful seminars, and a whole lot of girl power!

Keep up to date with the latest news

It’s been a formal year for the Indigo Youth Movement, with a great deal developing on the ground and behind the scenes. We’ve taken up our new office space in Cape Town and have been further blessed with a needed strategic alliance with Brand Candy. This dynamic design team are now assisting us with our marketing material and have built our new website.

What’s happening in our hometown: KwaZulu-Natal


In KwaZulu-Natal, back where it all began, we have completed the ramp rebuild at the Indigo Skate Camp. We know it took some time, but for those of you who can relate, this facility runs like the South African postal system. If you take a deeper look at what we have done here, you’ll notice we didn’t simply replace the wood on our existing ramp – no, we installed two awesome shipping containers under the ramp adding more stability to the structure. In the next few months, we plan to equip these containers with computers to help develop our enthusiastic skaters.

Just a few Valleys upstream from us, the Laureus Sport For Good Foundation hosted their YES (Youth Empowerment through Sports) training seminar. Afterwards, they joined us for an interactive afternoon, where they were able to engage with our skateboarders and instructors.

Ayesha Ahmed, our first ever dedicated female instructor, participated in the YES leadership camp and she was very happy to finally visit the Indigo Skate Camp.

The mother city: Cape Town


We are stoked to announce we now host exclusive female only skate sessions. While the numbers of female participants have steadily grown, it was only when we introduced Ayesha Ahmed as a full-time skate instructor in Kleinvlei, that the numbers increased to a point where it became a necessity. We hope we can introduce more female only skate sessions at other facilities.


In an attempt to include at-risk youths, Indigo Youth Movement sets out to nurture sustainable skateboarding environments in the most unlikely places. At our other sites in Cape Town, we have had to make a few adjustments. Indigo is working in some of the most dangerous areas of the Cape Flats, where youths are at risk and the amount of trauma experienced is devastating communities. With the rising risk of sporadic gang violence out in the streets at Scottsdene, we have been advised to take our programs indoors into a nearby youth centre.

Last but not least

The Indigo Youth Movement would not be able to continue without the support of our valuable funders. We’d like to give special thanks to Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, Vans shoes, and Element Skateboards for keeping us rolling.

Our dedicated and passionate skate instructors are doing amazing work on the ground, we couldn’t do it without them. Find out more about the Indigo Youth Movement’s team here and how you can get involved.