"Indigo is proof that skateboarding can change the world"
- Tony Hawk

Indigo Youth Movement aim to create safe spaces, access to mentors and to skateboarding programmes to promote the wellbeing of our South African youth. Skateboarding is an expression of freedom that knows no limits and boundaries. This makes it a popular activity amongst our South African youth as they scramble daily for identity and a sense of belonging on our streets. In an attempt to include at risk youths, Indigo Youth Movement sets out to nurture sustainable skateboarding environments in the most unlikely places.

Meet Kyle Trusky

At Indigo Youth Movement we strongly believe that our main tool and success in making change lies in our team of skateboarding instructors. Introducing skateboarder Kyle Trusky, Kyle was one of the project participants who came through the program.

A word from the founder, Dallas Oberholzer

Dallas Oberholzer is a stalwart in South Africa’s skateboarding scene. His title as the South African Vertical Ramp Champion has stood for over 20 years, only to pass this title on 2 years ago to a lad half his age.


Indigo Youth Movement is a registered non-profit organisation with PBO status currently running after school skate workshops every day of the week in both the Zulu community and in the greater Cape Town ghetto areas. Skateboards for these programs are supplied by Element Skateboards, while Laureus / Vans funding is used for the wages, operating costs and food for our after school skate programs.